ANDY- Adopted!!!

He will be up for adoption soon.

Andy found his way to us when he showed up to the rescue one day. His fur was matted, half the fur on his tail was missing and he was very thin. Currently, he has had an issue with his one eye which we are currently working on getting  with medication. This boy is lazy but is a love. He loves to stay close and follow you around. He doesn't play around when it comes to his wet food, he will hit you with his paw(claws in) if you don't feed him fast enough. He is also FIV Postive. He will be able to live a normal live but will need extra care if/when he is sick because with FIV it takes longer for him to recover. FIV can be transferred from one cat to another through blood to blood contact only. It would be best if he was with other FIV cats or the only cat in the house hold.